Friday, June 27, 2008

One line from greatness

I took Sarah to see WALL-E today. I'm a pretty big fan of Pixar and have always looked forward to their releases. WALL-E was no different. Outside one line that was a very out-of-place political statement, I enjoyed it very much. Now, five years from now, no one will remember the significance of that comment...and so, I will buy the movie, I'm sure. The environmental undertones of the movie are there as a part of the story, but the movie doesn't get preachy or beat you over the head with them. The story of the robots is definately very entertaining, and reminded me lots of the akward stuff that happened early in my wife and I's relationship...which made it fun. Anyway, I recommend seeing it, but just felt like the one comment was so out of place, it jarred you out of the story.


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