Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tossed dog resolution

I'm sure almost everyone has heard of or seen the video of a Marine Lance Corporal throwing a puppy into a rocky ravine. A friend of mine originally notified me of the story and I wanted to wait and see what the full story was. The case has been resolved: Marine expelled, another punished over puppy video

When going through training, Marine leadership makes it painfully clear that we must work hard to keep our reputations (or honor) clean. This Lance Corporal obviously didn't think things through and is now paying the consequences.

One side note, the AP apparently doesn't understand what non-judicial punishment (or NJP...or "office hours") is because they place it in quotes and don't explain. NJP is the lowest form of punitive judgment for Marines. It doesn't reach court martial level and does not move outside the Battalion, or sometimes the Company. Most likely, this Marine isn't a Lance Corporal (probably private) anymore and will have some fines or withheld pay in addition to his severance from the Corps. I'd have to check, but the type of discharge may be effected as well. At any rate, it highlights one of my biggest beefs with the mainstream media: when it comes to stories about the military, they have no clue.


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