Friday, August 22, 2008

Heh...Marine envy in the Army

It appears that Army's change of thier dress uniform was due to Marine uniform envy: USMC Wannabe Blues.

All this is the result of longstanding "uniform envy" soldiers have had for marines. The USMC has always sported the most impressive dress uniform, and young enlisted marines were glad to spend at least $300 to buy themselves one. The marine "Class A" uniform is also green, but a darker green, and the jacket is worn with a belt. This looks much snappier, and many soldiers have suggested something like this for a new army Class A uniform. But many career army types have been campaigning for a spiffier Class A uniform, and something in blue, preferably with a belted jacket. But instead of a new uniform design, the army simply made the current dress blues the new Class As. The dress blues have been around for a long time, and have a good reputation. That doesn't mean that a belt cannot be added down the road. The important thing right now is to dump those hideous green Class As, which have embarrassed several generations of soldiers.

Here's the Army dress blues (now service uniform) in comparison with the Marine dress whites(the blues would be with the blue trousers):

Apparently, I missed the Air Force and their new dress uniform:

Alright, I've had my fun. I now await all the "dumb Marine" jokes my dear service brothers and sisters are going to unleash.


Anonymous mumsdwurd said...

I'm amazed how well the AF uni's fit in with Father Darth. Give me a Marine anyday - They can always look more intelligent than anyone else... as for sibling jokes: they're all just jealous that they didn't think of the prettiest uni's first...

23 August, 2008 19:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am trying to figure this out. How in hell is the Army copying the Marine dress blue uniform? The Army has been wearing dress blue uniforms longer (maybe not the current design, 1937) then the Marine. Heck The first Marine blue uniforms were based off garments designed for the Rifle Battalions of the Legion of the United States Army back in 1799.

12 November, 2008 01:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, the Marine general is in dress blues, not whites. The Marine officers have a dress white uniform with white coat similar to navy officers. You need to use a capital M when writing the word Marine, if describing a member of the USMC. It's a proper noun, unlike soldier, sailor, airman.

04 May, 2011 04:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The marines no longer have an all white uniform. They got rid of it nearly 20 years ago.

10 June, 2011 18:00  

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