Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Agreeing to Disagree

As I have been going through school here in North Carolina, I've had a roommate. Over the last month, we've had various discussions on a wide range of topics. Several times we have completely disagreed on many of these. For example, he felt the wealthy should be taxed more than they currently are. I disagreed with my opinion that more taxes would stifle the economy far more than it would help. In addition, I dislike how so many taxes turn into wealth re-distribution that those taxed have no control over. Nonetheless, we have these disagreements and remain very amicable. I have watched many times as those involved in similar disagreements dissolved into screaming matches with either side no longer listening. This is highly counterproductive and results in nothing more than high blood pressure. If you listen to the other side, it helps your critical sharpens your mind.

Now, if the other side is obviously not interested in anything other than steamrolling your thinking, it may be best to walk away before it turns into a melee of words.


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