Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More pics

I suppose I ought to post these for everyone to see, but here's an inside look at what they did.

Here you see the red (irritated) tissue floating about. The ACL is a ligament and thus is like a rubber band. It should have some tension on it. Here it does not. It's free to move around and get caught in the joint (making a wonderful *pop* each time) and it is not doing it's job of stabilizing the knee joint to prevent forward motion of the lower leg.

Now here is my new ACL. It is made up of hamstring tendon material installed in place of the ligament. Notice this one has tension on it and is not floating about.

These pictures were taken with the knee scope (one of the two "eyes" on my knee is the insert point). The interior is flushed with saline solution so they can see everything and keep out the blood. I'll be putting up a current photo of my knee soon, as it's healing quite nicely and no longer is so swollen and blue.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are so photogenic Aaron!!

05 July, 2008 06:28  

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