Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New release...

Diablo 3 has been announced. Oh, the hours upon hours I spent running through the dark regions of sanctuary and smashing many a demon's head in with cooler and cooler toys. Or the blast my roommates and I had taking on Diablo himself. This game continues the plight of a mortal realm always near the brink of a black and crimson tide of nasties who are constantly battling the forces of light (God is never specifically mentioned...just vague references to the light and forces of light). The in-depth storylines always attracted me. It wasn't just one story, it was the story of how everyone was effected by the evil forces creeping into every part of life...and how it crept so slowly, many did not see them for what they were until it was too late.

The first one took place in a small town called Tristram. Your character cleared the lower levels of the Cathedral that had been corrupted and then into the catacombs then to the caves below and eventually to Diablo's lair. The second was more engaging and involved a longer journey across the continent in pursuit of Diablo and his brothers Mephisto and Baal. The story was engaging enough to keep you fighting through wave after wave of bad guys.

Anyway, I'm quite excited. I just hope it comes out before my deployment.


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