Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Atlas Shrugged

Watching the AIG CEO's getting raked over coals bugged me...but in a rather fundamental way. My view of the business world is heavily shaped by Ayn Rand's objectivist thinking. Now here we have massive financial institutions gathered before the government wanting a handout...then, they proceed to blow it. Now, I understand it is a "separate division," but in terms of PR, they should have recognized that the general populace does not understand divisions or dbas. They see one name and understand it to be a single entity.

At any rate, it's is very frustrating watching the supposed great industrialists of our nation fall face first, then grab free handouts, and follow it up with an undeserved award. I know many at this level are mostly political monsters, but still, what happened to the decision-making. I guess I am just assuming that the best and brightest are leading our big corporations, but it seems not be so. In fact, I'd bet our best and brightest are leading small corporations and businesses. Perhaps this is where Ayn's modern hero's are. Her characters were never afraid of rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. And all that without a $400K spa package.


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