Sunday, July 03, 2005

Liberals Freaking out Reveal Themselves

At another blog, Decision '08, Mark posted up his Top 10 Liberal Reactions to the resignation of Justice O'Conner. While it is entertaining, something caught my eye in number 2:

Since FDR's court-packing scheme panicked the gilded Age SCOTUS in letting the New Deal go forward, liberalism has depended on the court to confirm and support liberal progress as a matter of idealistic principle.

With a SCOTUS led by Scalia and Thomas, atop a Federalist Society judiciary, liberalism will be castrated, impotent for a generation or more. There is no law or program at a State or Federal level, which they could not eviscerate. And, they would.

Wow. This person is fully admitting that in our *DEMOCRACY* the Supreme Court is the only way they can defeat majority rule...a rather important part of democracy. With this in mind, we move to the number one quote:

until [sic] bush [sic] sends a moderate to the senate [sic], I want a government shutdown. I don't care what the effect is. Every last remaining shred of basic democratic ideals could die because of this resignation.

So in defense of democracy, we ignore what the majority has voted for. Am I the only one confused?


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