Sunday, September 11, 2005


I attended my first recruit poolee function and had a pretty good time. It started with a stretching session and then an explination of standing at attention and parade rest. After that, we were split into four teams and ran a relay race. Each person ran a half-mile. My team pulled off the win. During my run, I came back around the front stretch and one of my teammates (a recruiting Sgt., I believe) was encouraging me by saying something like, "Come on, you've got them horselegs. Keep going!"

I didn't think too much about it until after I left, but I started laughing as I've never been called "horselegs" before...nor have I ever heard anyone calling anyone else that. I suppose I'm kinda proud of the term...

I also made an impression on my local recruiter, who has decided to start running with my wife and I. This will definately add a new dimension...and a new reason to push harder. Hopefully all this will come together to lower my times and increase my PFT score. Maybe I'll let that name stick...horselegs...


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