Thursday, September 08, 2005

More miles and miles and miles...

I ran a fast-paced 3-miler today at 23:20. I have to say that I'm amazingly consistant. My last 3-miler was 23:34, and before that 23:13. Fun. Tommorrow I'm planning on adding speedwork to my workout (probably on order of 3 miles...though I'll figure out the exact distance as soon as possible).

As for my officer candidate application, I'm pleased to have several people willing to write letters of recommendation. This clears up the vast majority of the application work. In other words, I'm almost to the pure waiting and PFT'ing part of the process. I'll probably try to do my first official PFT on the week of the 18th. I'm trying to ensure that I break 200 with my eye on 250. I'm getting very close. My big concern is still pull-ups, but I'll continue to try to tackle that and do everything I can to improve them.


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