Tuesday, September 06, 2005

PFT frustrations

Well, I'll start on the good side. Yesterday, I busted out an easy-paced 5-miler. It actually wasn't that bad and I maintained an ok pace (9:55/mile). My running has improved and my shin splints have long left me. In other news, my crunch program still seems to be working well.

And then there's my problem. I seemed to have reached some sort of plateau with my pull-ups. I am increasing the amount of weight I can do on the lat. pull-down machine (at 110 for 30 reps right now), but until I hit my own weight, I'm not sure what effect that will have. I'm working with the arm curl and wrist curl to increase my forearm strength, but haven't seen any major gains. It's frustrating when I have my first PFT coming up shortly. I will continue to work on this and hopefully I'll break through this setback.


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