Sunday, March 05, 2006

1, 2, skip a few...

So, I am quickly realizing that I am not keeping up with blogging all the letters Aaron has sent me. Between moonlighting two jobs, taking a class, and running, I'm really not sure where my time is going. Anyway, off to the highlights of one of Aaron's more recent letters. I'll highlight a couple more of my favorites and then hopefully I will be able to highlight letters as I get them (or at least within the same month!). -sejs


Time for another laundry letter... We are currently hygiening (showering, brushing teeth) ourselves and have been preparing for Phase 2 at Camp Pendleton. We did a 'mock' PFT. I was shocked at the number of recruits that had never run 3 miles before. I was pretty happy with my score of 218 [out of a possible 300]: 11 pull ups, 114 crunches, and a 23:30 on the run. I might have been able to push a little harder, but had eaten too much at lunch about 30 minutes before.

Now, to answer your questions in your letter:
1. How did your first PFT turn out?
Answered that one. The really good news is that my leg didn't come apart.

2. Favorite part of training?
Well...I like a lot of it. Classes are good and I enjoy drill (marching), except I seem to be uncoordenated. If it wasn't for my drill mistakes, te DIs wouldn't ever know my name.

3. Upcoming event I'm nervous/excited about?
Tomorrow, we do the Confidence Course again. I don't think my fear of heights will cause too much a problem, but we'll see. I'm also really excited about Phase 2 and doing 'Marine stuff,' especially rifle qualifying.

4. Still wanna be an officer?
Yep. But I want a good break from this crazyness. Like several months. Maybe January OCS [Officer Candidate School]. Our Series Commander is a Naval Aviator (Captain Bowmen). In all his classes and presentations he has his F-18D pictures (the one I'd like to get put in as NFO [Naval Flight Officer]). Those wings give me inspiration.

5. How are the guys in the platoon?
The majority are younger. The average age is 19. All the 17 year olds are gone now. The oldest is a 30 year old former Navy guy. There are a couple 27-29. Several are married, but more have kids and are not married.

6. Wonder what I got myself into?
Actually, I've been pretty positive. Sometimes, it sucks and I would like to be somewhere else, but I just remember why I am here.

7. How do you look bald?
I'm not a big fan, though I'll admit it's easy to clean. I'm looking forward to Phase 3, when we get to have hair.

8. Pooping...
No, there isn't time to poop during the day, so I have been training myself to poop at night. I've been pretty successful so far...though I need to poop now...

Now about your Nutrition class, here are my usual meals: Breakfast-eggs, bacon or sausage, two pancakes/waffles, yogurt, banana, cottage cheese, two pieces of toast with apple jelly.
Lunch-Salad, 2 veggies, main course (usually meat or pasta), banana, water or PowerAid.
Dinner- it's like lunch.

You'd be proud of me eating my veggies. This week I stayed at 169. So, I think my weight has stabilized.


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