Friday, March 24, 2006



The new event I get to tell you about is the CCX or Close Combat Course (Don't ask, I don't know either). It's just like playing war as a kid. You have a fire team (4 guys) and you charge the course. There are dummies you bayonet or use a butt stock strike. At each obsticle end, the fire team leader yells, "Fire team ready! Rush!" With that, you "war cry" to the next obsticle. It starts out with D-day looking stuff-through a drainage tunnle to barbed wire (you crawl on your back and it's really tiring). It ends with some trenches. Oh, I almost forgot- you run with a rubber rifle, flak jacket, and plastic helmet. It was awesome! Afterwards, we did pugil sticks again, but I didn't do as well this time. :(

In random news, my weight droopped 4lbs to 165. I can tell some came out of my face, but I don't know where all the weight is coming from.

Last night, we have a group called "New American Singers." They were sorta like a youth group from some church, except they danced too much to be Nazarenes. It was a really good matter how cheesy the puppet show was (yes...puppets). It was nice to have someone show appreciation for what we're doing since the DI's job is to relentlessly pound the idea that we're scum in our heads until we don't listen to them.

Oh, there's a website for you to give a try I'm not quite sure what all is there, but it's supposedly up by the 9th week.


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