Monday, November 06, 2006

The Stupid Game

Making rounds on blogs everywhere is this fun bit o' news:Statement In 'Stupidest Thing' Game Leads To Murder Arrest

A few months ago, a 29-year-old Jackson County man was at a party where people were asked to name the stupidest thing they'd ever done.

Police said Jerry Rose answered, "Shot a guy in the head."

Now, Rose is charged with open murder and armed robbery in the March 22 slaying of 60-year-old Edgar Hawkes.

Police were making little headway in their investigation until police in neighboring Calhoun County questioned Rose's girlfriend about a string of break-ins.

She told them about Rose's alleged confession during the party. They gave the information to Jackson County detectives, who arrested him Wednesday. He's jailed without bond.

Wow. According to Don Surber,
By giving that reply, Jerry Rose knocked the shooting down to the second stupidest thing he has ever done.


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