Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A new PFT and more news

I performed my last pre-ship PFT for Officer Candidate School. I finished with a 248: 100 crunches, 15 pull-ups, and a 22:22 3-mile run. I'm reasonably pleased as that puts me in pretty good shape scorewise. I'm definately not worried about failing my initial PFT. Progress-wise, I'm amazed. Last year, I had 8 pull-ups, 100 crunches, and a run around 24 minutes. I've moved ahead physically and mentally. I think I'm gonna make it...I just have to pursue those gold bars. With God's strength, I will.

In other news, I passed my EMT-Basic practical. This moves my next goal to finishing my state-level qual with the "written" test (now not so written, now that it's on the computer). I'll be arranging that shortly, but it'll be tough with all the random stuff I still have going on.

In sad news, I'm mourning the loss of my work jump drive. I placed it in a computer to load some faculty member's files...and it ceased working. I fear the worst...all 4 GB of it...


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