Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Making time

One of those things that I always am short of here at TBS is time. Every student here would agree that there just isn't enough. Not enough to study. Not enough to PT. Not enough for anything. The end result is a constant search for time. At the same time, Sarah and I have been trying to always make time for God. This usually shows in church attendance, as it's a relaxing/restful place to be.

Last weekend, I had two full orders to write...and so much to do. I started work on them. I considered not going to church, as it's a solid 3-hour chunk of my day and I had only finished one order. However, I decided to make time for the service. The end result? By 2000 (8:00 pm) I finished my second order and was ready for bed.

The next morning I went to work and found that many in my platoon had not completed thier orders. Some had only finished one.

The moral of the story (for me, at least) is that if I make time for God, he'll make time for me. Things will work out. There is no reason to worry...just give it to God.


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