Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New workout starts today

After a short break after my graduation, I just restarted my workout regimen. I figured I'd post my current routine and see if it's more effective than some of my previous stuff.

Lat Pulldowns (outboard wide grip): 3/10
Lat Pull (inboard close grip): 3/5
Bench Press: 3/10
Military Press: 3/10
Tricep Extention: 3/10
Incline Press: 3/10
Lat Pulldown (outboard wide grip): 3/max
Lat Pulldown (inboard close grip): 3/max

Kettle Bell: Flys 3/10

This is what I did today in addition to my "pre-hab" exercises (a 45-minute leg workout that concentrates on strengthening the muscles around my knee). I'm also looking to include some cycling in my standard workout, but may separate my cardio from my weight-lifting just to keep my time more manageable.


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