Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sri Lankan Army

I trained with a Captain from the Sri Lankan Special Forces while at The Basic School. Those guys are pretty fricken tough. Well, it looks like things are going well them: Secret Commandos Waiting To Strike

The army is now four kilometers from Kilinochchi, the LTTE "capital." The army is also fighting its way up the coast, and the end of LTTE control over Sri Lankan territory appears imminent. The LTTE has attempted to stop this advance with a terror bombing campaign. There have been six such attacks in the capital in the past five weeks. But the bombs have been small and poorly constructed, and merely made Sri Lankans more determined to finish off the LTTE once and for all. But the army is in no hurry. They know that haste merely provides the LTTE with more opportunities to launch surprise commando attacks. The LTTE still has several hundred experienced, well trained and armed fighters that could launch devastating attacks if the army got sloppy.

The LTTE is also known as the Tamil Tigers.

Good luck and Godspeed Capt Saman.


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