Tuesday, September 27, 2005

PF Craziness

Well, this morning I bested my best...again. I busted out 70/80/70 push-ups, totalling 220. I'm rather pleased and kinda wish pull-ups were that easy. Then again, the Marines have never been about easy.

Yesterday, my wife and I did an easy-paced 5-miler. Interestingly, we both had some juice left at the end of the run, and so we ended with a moderate sprint. This is good news. Previously, the five-milers had been leaving us exhuasted...and every time we ran them, we got slower. I'm really hoping this means that our bodies are starting to condition to the longer distance. This would be wonderful in several regards...but mostly as a possible sign that we may be about to make a significant drop in our 3-mile times.

As for those pull-ups, I'm still chugging along. My new training sets will consist of sets of 3, as my set of 2 experiment resulted in an hour of doing pull-ups. My hope is that, God willing, I can make that 16 pull-ups. All else being the same (23 min 3-mile, 100 crunches), that gives me a solid 250 points. Now, I'm still working on my 3-mile time...which if I can drop another minute or two off, it will only help me.


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