Friday, September 30, 2005

They can have my internet when they pry it from my cold dead keyboard

In an unsurprising move, the EU wants to share control over the internet.

The European Union insisted Friday that governments and the private sector must share the responsibility of overseeing the Internet, setting the stage for a showdown with the United States on the future of Internet governance.

A senior U.S. official reiterated Thursday that the country wants to remain the Internet's ultimate authority, rejecting calls in a United Nations meeting in Geneva for a U.N. body to take over.

EU spokesman Martin Selmayr said a new cooperation model was important "because the Internet is a global resource."

"The EU ... is very firm on this position," he added.

The Geneva talks were the last preparatory meeting before November's World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisia.

A stalemate over who should serve as the principal traffic cops for Internet routing and addressing could derail the summit, which aims to ensure a fair sharing of the Internet for the benefit of the whole world.

At issue is who would have ultimate authority over the Internet's master directories, which tell Web browsers and e-mail programs how to direct traffic.

That role has historically gone to the United States, which created the Internet as a Pentagon project and funded much of its early development. The U.S. Commerce Department has delegated much of that responsibility to a U.S.-based private organization with international board members, but Commerce ultimately retains veto power.

So a bloated, nanny-state nightmare wants to take control of the internet. One sec...

BAHhahahahahahahahahahahaha *gasp* BAHahahahahahahaha

Ok. Now, that I'm okay, lets think about this. The US designed the internet. Has pretty much let it be free information to the whole world...and the EU wants to control it when they can't even get their own act together. about no.

Maybe I'm being kinda harsh. Then again, we're talking about the group that forced Microsoft to sell a seperate version of windows that doesn't have media player...because it was free. Hmmm...I think that's a definate no.


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