Saturday, October 08, 2005

The 5K post

We ran our 5K today. I was having some trouble because I was constantly (for probably the first mile) being boxed in. My end-time? 24:40. I knew I could have done better. After my wife ran across the line, we decided to stick around and see who won places (and scope out the competition). We were completely shocked when the 3rd place overall winner was 14! We continued watching as our age groups got announced. I cannot express my shock as my name was announced as 3rd in my age group (technically 4th, because the 1st place overall was taken out of the age group running). I was shocked.

After we got back home, we looked up the results. I ended up in 41st overall.

As I think about the whole thing, I just get more motivated. I did well...even though I know I could have pushed harder. In fact, 1st in my age group did a 23:38...I've done a 22:55 3-mile, so I know it could have been possible to beat his time.

The course was interesting. The hills were speed killers, but apparently my speedwork/hillwork allowed me extra speed up those hill. I passed a whole lot of people running up those hills. I got a lot out of this experiance...lessons I hope to use over the next two weeks in my quest to shave more time off my PFT scores.


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