Monday, October 03, 2005

Motivated!...Dedicated!...Hard Core!

This morning, I planned an early morning PFT with the Officer Selection Assistant. I busted out a 23:00 three-mile run for offical use, which grants me 70 points. Adding my crunch score pops this up to 170. With my 7 pull-ups so far, this means I currently have a 205. Awesome. This allows me to ensure I *WILL* have my 225 by the time of the last PFT...and I might be able to pull off 240 or 250 (my goal). I'm very, very happy...and motivated.

We have a poolee event on October 22 that will involve some PFTs. I'm hoping that the compation helps me shave off another 30 seconds or a minute. Either of which will help me. The more points now...the better. Ooo-Rah!


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