Friday, March 24, 2006

Some Firsts


I have now shot my M-16 as of today. It doesn't really have much kick. Unfortunatly, they discovered a problem with my rifle, so I'm getting that fixed tomorrow.

I noticed something for the first time weight loss. I was on the toilet (MRE's do make you constipated) and suddenly, I realized my stomach felt different. I see where my weight loss is starting to go. I don't have a six pack...yet...

We did a 3 mile hike yesterday. It really wasn't so bad. Our next one is Saturday at 5 miles, plus, they are having us wear our helmets and flak jackets this time. Kinda cool, but kinda not, as it's heavy stuff.

We start doing a lot of shooting next week, so I am really excited. I really want Expert (top qualifying score).


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