Monday, November 06, 2006

Busy Weekend

I'm continuing my marathon session of busy weekends. This last one involved my "Auto Extrication Lab" in the morning followed by the Marine Corps Ball with the Officer Canidate poolees. It was fun stuff on both accounts, but I'm definately longing for a "lazy-day" of doing pretty much nothing...but that's not happening until after Thanksgiving.

The auto extrication was fun. I ripped the door off a car with a spreader (a hydrolic-powered device that...well...spreads stuff). I busted glass and learned the propper use of a car antenna in emergency situations. We were supposed to have LifeFlight (the local air ambulance helicopter) come out and do a demo, but the weather was getting pretty bad (they don't seem to like sleet much).

The Ball was a blast, and I'm definately looking forward to my unit's ball coming soon. The traditions that are followed throughout the Corps continue to be a major highlight. My wife has posted some pictures here.


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