Monday, October 10, 2005

The 5-miles that noted a change

Today, my wife and I ran another 5-miler (as is our custom on mondays)...but something was different about this one. I challenged my wife to break our 50 minute 5-mile time funk with me, and we started running...careful to stay with an easy, brisk pace. The result? 46:20...a 9:18/mile pace. The best part was that we still had energy left. I'm really hoping this was a breakthrough that will show in my 3-mile times. I know I'm getting closer to my goal of a 21 minute 3-mile time, but I would love it if it were sooner than later.

I hit another milestone today in my pull-up program. I busted out 8 pull-ups in one max set session. I've found a good form for my repetitions that seems to have given me the advantage of momentum. If I keep training hard, I fully believe that I will hit 20 pull-ups before I ship.


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