Monday, October 10, 2005

More people oozing

I've posted once before about people who ooze into your life...and how it's difficult to maintain the proper Christian attitude and actions, yet stop the oozing. Well, it has gotten more difficult. What can you do?

By the way, it's definately not polite to ask a secondary favor if you have already been told no on the first favor...especially if the secondary favor is at the same time as the first favor, and the comment "I'm currently busy at that time" has been said. Most people realize that with simple logistics, you can only be at one place at any one time. If you are busy at the said time, you are still busy if a second favor is asked. Apparently, some people haven't figured out the idea that time and space (in most circumstances) will only allow you to be in one place at any one time. Grrrr...

In an odd side note, I have discovered that this individual suddenly falls silent after I make any mention of the Marines. I have yet to figure out why.


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