Saturday, March 17, 2007

Week 9...

As things begin to wind down for the training cycle, some things still are hard to deal with. I've made it past many hard obsticles, but the way isn't clear yet. I'm still planning on graduating, but there's always something that seems to keep it from being an easy path...and this week is no different. I shall continue to work hard, and ask for your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Week 8....

Another week down...but, the big one is this week. Sleep-deprived and exuasted, we are to complete the "final exam" for leadership. After the halfway-point of this week, we will know the majority of our standings. Most of the physical and academic events will be done. After this week, we have a 12-mile hike and the Endurance Course Test...but most of it will be administrative processing.

Talking with my wife this weekend, we've marveled how fast it has come. I find it amazing. This week means a lot out here. Your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Well, it's coming down to the main objective. I'm now on week 7 at OCS, and wow. Never thought mud and water could be so much fun...though extremely tiring. After a couple of hikes and a night land navagation course, we ended the week with the endurance course. A run combined with some stiff obsticles and ends with fording chest deep water...all the while you are working to keep your barrel out of the dirt and have a clean weapon. During the thing, you swear you're going to die. Afterwards, you can't believe you just did that. Good training.

This next week will be tough physically, but the nasty one is week 8 with some very important graded events...ones that will make or break your chances at getting that commission.

I still feel pretty good...especially at the prospect of seeing my wife after all this time. It's tough being away, but in the end, I think it'll be worthwhile.