Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A fine use for some movie soundtracks

Making it's rounds in blogs is this clip. The music chosen for the Saudi King is...fantastic: The Imperial March from Star Wars. Click the video to see.

Just for Halloween...

Sunday, October 28, 2007


So, I have finally completed "Zero Week" and picked up with Alpha Company. The largest company yet at 300 strong, we are packed into the barracks. This is just the beginning. Bravo will pick up in January. In addition, there will be another company ('G' Company) to be added next year. Throw in the Warrent Officer's course, and the mix continues to get crazier.

Personally, I feel relieved that training is about to begin...finally.

Monday, October 15, 2007

How to wake up real fast at 5 in the morning.

A friend and fellow 2nd Lt was driving to work this morning when a deer decided to make a surprise visit. My friend smacked the deer in the head with his passenger side mirror (at 65 mph down I-95). The deer apparently then met a new friend...Mr. 18 Wheels. My friend was thoroughly awake now...and this is where Sarah and I come in. See, I was driving about 20 feet behind and to the right of the semi and watched the into a massive red mass across all three lanes of traffic. Sarah was about 30 feet behind me. We both swerved to avoid running over...uh...some deer part, though, I believe I emerged with a few blood spatters and that's about it.

Crazy way to start the morning.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Corps Dichotomy

One think I love about the Marine Corps is the group pride in our extensive training all Marines go through. The newly enlisted go through 12 weeks of training at one of the Recruit Depots (longest of all the services) followed by 4 weeks of Marine Combat Training and their job (MOS) school or 7 weeks at the School of Infantry. New officers go through 10 weeks of screening before heading to The Basic School for six months followed by their MOS school. The end result is a well trained Marine that may not be heavily experienced, but has the tools to be successful.

This pattern follows throughout the Corps. The desire to be the best drives more and more subject matter to be pushed into the period of instruction. There is a downfall. Eventually, there is too much information to pass...or too many events for the time allotted. Really, it comes down to the difficult balance that every organization must maintain. It is this balance that I think would be fascinating to delve deep into. My future role may even help shape my own unit's take on this balance. Hmmm...maybe I have the beginnings of my MBA thesis...

A Quote

Heroism makes people who behave unheroically feel uncomfortable.
-Glenn Reynolds

As it should.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mount Vernon

This Saturday, Sarah and I went to Mount Vernon, Gen. Washington's former home. It was a fascinating look at our early national history. The General's tastes were interesting in that he preferred simple elegance and his farm to any of the glory and honor he earned for himself.

As a new officer, I found his early history particularly interesting. I knew he had served in the French and Indian War, but did not know he had been denied a commission in the British Army. Think of all the difference it would have made if he had received that commission. With my denial of my first attempt at a commission, I empathize with the great disappointment that would have been...but, now see that one disappointment led to an even greater legacy in the founding of a new nation.

In each of our own lives, we see dissappointments and could have/would have if only moments that can haunt us for years. Yet, who is to say these events will make you stronger or lead you down a better path. Perhaps my additional time at OCS made me a better leader (one fellow candidate told me I had become more aggresive). Perhaps my time in Mike Company will better prepare me for the next 6 months. So much can change your life...I just pray that I can make the right decisions in my own life.

Anyway, here's the pretty pictures:
Here's the house from the bowling green. It's a decent sized building.

The veiw of the Potomac from the back porch.

This is a replica of a popular from of transport from the period called a "riding chair." I'd like to think of it as a "sports car."

This was on the working farm portion. It is a replica of a slave quarters. We were told it was a bit larger than the standard.

Here's Sarah taking one of the pictures that probably on her blog by now. Yes, we're weird.


Sarah wanted a pet (since our cat is in Missouri), so with our crazy schedules, we decided to get some fish. We now have a 28 gallon tank (empty right now as we stabilize the water) that will be awaiting some new arrivals shortly...most likely 2-3 goldfish and an alge eater. For now, this adorns our living room: